Jagiellonian University (JU)

Jagiellonian University is one of the largest and most renowned Universities in Poland. The Faculty of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biotechnology (FBBB) ranks among the best polish academic and research institutions in the field. The Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology (MCB) is tightly connected with FBBB, but is strictly research oriented and hosting not only local research groups but also research groups founded in collaboration with Max-Planck Society and CNRS.

The Protein Crystallography Laboratory headed by G. Dubin operates in parallel in the two institutions (FBBB and MCB). The Laboratory specializes in providing structural support of research and drug discovery projects. The Laboratory encompasses a molecular biology / biochemistry labs, protein crystallization laboratory, X-ray diffraction laboratory and a convenient support for data processing. The Laboratory is self-sufficient to carry out molecular biology, biochemistry, protein production, crystallization and structure solution experiments / data processing. Further supporting facilities are provided within MCB and FBBB. Currently the laboratory employs 7 postdocs and 8 PhD students.