Uppsala University (UU)

Uppsala University is ranked as one of the top 100 universities in the world. It offers one of the country’s best educations in chemistry with strong links to world-leading research. The teaching is characterised by a wide range of courses, excellent research affiliation and a large proportion of laboratory work. The creative and research-intensive environment contributes to a broad knowledge-base as well as cutting-edge expertise in many areas. Many prominent scientists have worked at Uppsala University, including the chemistry Nobel Laureates The Svedberg and Arne Tiselius. Their research has contributed to biophysical and biochemical methods for purification and characterisation of proteins and other biomolecules.

The aim of our research is to improve the understanding of molecular interactions and to apply this knowlede for drug discovery, primarily using enzymes as targets. Our research is deeply rooted in enzymology, a discipline devoted to the study of enzymes. The enzymes of interest are all of relevance for diseases where there is currently a need for efficient drugs. Lately, our interest has expanded to other classes of drug targets and proteins of relevance for the efficacy of drugs. The research is involves analysis of molecular interactions and we also therefore gained a unique competence in the application of biosensors for drug discovery. This also contributes to the basic science of molecular recognition, with a strong focus on dynamics and thermodynamics.