Ryan Byrne


    Great Britain


ETH Zürich


Prof. Gisbert Schneider (ETH), Dr. Hongming Chen (AZ)

Research Topic:

Computational analysis of compound libraries and screening.

About the project:

I’m developing novel means of quickly screening through hundreds of millions of chemicals which might work as drugs, to help target certain diseases of interest to our consortium, and to aid wider drug design and development. In particular, I’m working on a class of algorithms intended to accurately describe the complex, 3D-shape of molecules in a fast and reproducible manner, based on the work of Mandelbrot, Grassberger and Procaccia.

In addition, I’m looking at ways of combining this information with modern means for analysing large data-sets, namely artificial neural networks.

Overall, my research institutes are in finding novel, quantitative, computational solu-tions to biochemical problems.


Personal information:

Graduated Queen’s University, Belfast, and then Imperial College London, with a Master’s in pharmacy (MPharm) and a Master’s in bioinformatics and theoretical systems biology (MSc.) After graduating, I worked in Cambridge at the Sanger Institute on the ‘Genomics of Drug Sensitivity in Cancer’ project, and then as a data-analysis system programmer in industry.  I’m a keen cook, photographer, and eater of raspberry yoghurts. I can often be found trying to get a raspberry pi to water my garden.



Astra Zeneca (6 months)

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