3rd AEGIS Training School

6th - 10th November 2017

The Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network Accelerated Early staGe drug dIScovery (AEGIS ) will hold the 3rd AEGIS Training School at Helmholtz Center (HMGU) in Munich, Germany.

Training will be offered on the basics of structural biology in drug discovery. Besides NMR approaches in structural biology, the school will include training in Structure-based drug discovery, Fragment-based screening and iterative structure-based design by crystallographic and computational methods, as well as thermodynamic characterization of binding and in-vitro and in-cell detection of protein-ligand interactions. Complementary Skills will be provided in Open Innovation and Safety Practice.

Guest speakers were invited for the theoretical lessons and the training will be completed with hands-on training in NMR data processing and data management as well as fragment screening on crystals.


Work program



Prof. Michael Sattler (HMGU), Dr. Grzegorz Popowicz, (HMGU), Prof. Horst Kessler TUM), Prof. Claudio Luchinat (UF), Prof. Christian Griesinger (MPIBPC), Dr. Wolfgang Jahnke (NOVA), Prof. Gerd Klebe (PUM), Prof. Helena Danielson (UU), Prof. Karl Andersson (RV)