4th AEGIS Training School

9th - 13th April 2018

The Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network Accelerated Early staGe drug dIScovery (AEGIS ) held the 4th AEGIS Training School at Novartis Pharma AG (NOVA) in Basel , Switzerland.

Topic of the school was Drug discovery in industry. Training was offered on 'Phenotypic screening' and 'Target-based screening'. Besides theoretical principles, practical aspects of integrated lead finding were considered as 'High-Throughput-Screening' (HTS) and 'Fragment based Screening' (FBS). A special focus of the school lay on drug discovery for infectious and tropical diseases and the development of (re)emerging infectious diseases in Europe. The program was completed by a course job application skills and an introduction in team building by the Herrmann-Brain-Dominance-Instrument.

Guest speakers were invited for the theoretical lessons and the training was completed by a company tour (Novartis).


Work program



Dr. Fernando Romero, Dr. Daniel D'Orazio, Dr. Philipp Lustenberger, Dr. Nora Eifler, Dr. Bert Schenkel, Dr. Lutz Hegemann, Dr. Marc Andrae,  Peter Reinhardt, Lilly Sitzler Spicher (all NOVA), Dr. Ann Mills‐Duggan (Wellcome Trust), Dr. Stephen Brand (Medicines for Malaria Venture), Dr. Matthias Rottmann (Swiss TPH), Prof. Ralf Erdmann (RUB), Martin Arles (ORP), Dr. Simon Ittig (T3 Pharmaceuticals),Dr. Gregor Cicchetti (Paul Scherrer Institut), Dr. Eva Schlosser (HMGU)